Tyre Care Tips That Everybody Should Follow

Every car owner knows how important it is that any small hitch or disturbance be kept in check. One of the most important parts of any vehicle are its wheels. They are in immediate contact with the road and are often subject to excessive wear and tear. Replacing tyres is quite a costly affair and you cannot run a vehicle on damaged or faulty tyres as this would endanger all the passengers.

It is a smart decision to ensure that your car undergoes maintenance at regular intervals by a team of professional mechanics such as the ones from APR Mechanical in Camden. But there are things that you can do to ensure that your car and its tyres last much longer. Daily upkeep and maintenance of your car is up to you and it is really not that difficult or complicated. Here are a few tips that will ensure your tyres remain in pristine condition and save money in the long run:

  1. Tyre Consistency: You will find tyres of all shapes, sizes, and materials. However, one key tip is to ensure that all the tyres attached to the car are of the same size and material. One of the easiest ways to put this piece of advice into action is to ensure that the type as well as the brand of your tyres are the same.
  2. Tyre Pressure: Did you know that fuel efficiency is decreased by 1% for every three pounds of under inflation in tyres? A good rule of thumb is to check the pressure in your tyres each week to ensure that they are inflated to the recommended levels. Your handbook can come to your aid in this situation, informing you of the recommended tyre inflation pressure. Another option is to call your tyre dealership and discuss the specifics for your vehicle. While checking the tyre pressure, ensure that the tyre is cold.
  3. Tread Depth: Tyre tread depth is crucial as they are indicators of how much your tyres have worn out and indicates when you need to get your tyres replaced. Have a chat with a professional mechanic like the Camden tyre service, APR Mechanical, to ensure that your car’s tyres are in compliance with road safety regulations. Ideally, it is at 1.6 mm that the tread depth indicator will be exposed, which means it is time to get the tyre replaced.
  4. Tyre Servicing: At every scheduled car maintenance service, ensure that your cars tyres are tested and rotated as instructed by the manufacturer. Early detection of any damage or wearing off can ensure longer life for your tyres, your car, as well as increased safety for you and your loved ones while travelling.
  5. Monthly Inspections: Once a month, check your rims for any signs of damage. Ensure that the rims are clean and rust free. Check the walls for any signs of damage. Even your spare tyre needs to be check for proper inflation in accordance with the instructions and ensure that it is inflated to three pounds per square inch above the recommended level.
  6. Safe Driving: Driving in a safe manner ensures the car is run in a smooth way, with the least amount of pressure or damage. This means that your tyres will experience less wear and tear. Well-functioning tyres results in efficient fuel consumption, which saves quite a bit of your hard-earned money. Acceleration and braking should be done in a gentle and safe manner for an extended life of your car.

If you are in Camden, APR Mechanical is one of the most trusted team of car experts who will ensure your vehicle is kept in pristine condition. Have a doubt? Our skilled mechanics can solve all your car related worries, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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