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Our workshop is located in the industrial area of Smeaton Grange (Narellan), one of the youngest growing industrial areas of Western Sydney.

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We offer 6-month free roadside assistance with car service.

Perfect Car Service & Repair Specialist in Smeaton Grange & Camden

Get complete car service at APR mechanical – Harrington Park & Narellan

APR is a one-stop destination for all your car servicing needs. We provide a comprehensive range of services to our clients in Smeaton Grange. Our car service centre is well-equipped with all the facilities to service and maintain all types of cars and light commercial vehicles. No matter you are looking for brake and clutch repairs or log book service, APR mechanical is the right place.

Whenever you feel that something is off with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to bring it for car inspection at our workshop. Our car inspection covers all sorts of services, including the changing of oil and oil filters. Our automotive service generally includes taking care of exhausts, steering, tyres, brakes, and many other vital elements of your car.

Accurate Car Inspection

We even conduct road testing; suspension, tuning, lights check, underbody check, top-up check, under bonnets, and more to provide you an accurate and perfect car service. We even offer a detailed written report at the end of car inspection as proof to claim your insurance.

All our cars vacuumed, washed, and double-checked before being picked up by our customers. We even provide car air conditioning service in Narellan. We help you to maintain your vehicles irrespective of sizes and for both commercial and passenger cars. If you are running a fleet business, we even help you to streamline your transportation cost and improve productivity and efficiency.

Transparent Log Book Service

The risk associated with transportation are also reduced, and there is also a reduction in the overall cost of transport. We help you to maintain your vehicle maintenance with utmost ease and affordability. We have gained a reputation as a leading vehicle service company.

You can entirely rely on us for any diagnosis or service associated with your cars and vehicles, including tyre replacements. At our workshop, we have excellent facilities and expert mechanics to provide great assistance for your vehicles.

Our services are fair and transparent as we value honesty and integrity. We believe that the well-being of our mechanics is crucial to our business. Our services can be available in Harrington Park, Narellan, Camden, and Smeaton Grange and surrounding areas.

Well-equipped with modern tools and techniques

Our workshops are well-designed and equipped with contemporary mechanical devices and methods. This helps us to improve the performance of your vehicle. Our car repair services also include computerized tuning, dyno tuning, and detecting of many engine management problems.

Car service at APR mechanical is all about preventative maintenance. Most of the significant expensive repairs happen due to poor car servicing. The good and costly part of the car is replaced with the cheap part, which results in reduced productivity and failure of the vehicle. We follow good preventative maintenance practices by replacing high-quality components for the seamless performance of the engines.

Get flawless engines with car mechanics at APR mechanical

With our preventative maintenance practices, you don’t have to suffer from expensive engine replacements. With our car service, you can avoid engine replacements by replacing the parts before they fail. We timely replace water pumps, radiators, cooling hoses, and other significant parts before creating engine failure.

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